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If your tree looks like it has seen better days, contact the tree care experts at TLC By Ken. I and my staff of tree doctors have become known as the reliable specialists in tree pest control in Arlington, TX.

Your trees are more than just a focal point in your lawn. They provide cooling shade in the summer, protection from the elements, and value to your property. But trees are not indestructible. They can fall victim to disease or insect infestation.

At TLC By Ken, my professional team specializes in diagnosing and treating insect and disease problems to give the correct treatments that will provide complete tree pest removal. This includes tree disease control as well as tree insect control and correcting nutrient deficiencies. And I can guarantee you that you will find my prices more than cost effective when we help your trees survive and help you avoid the expense of tree removal.

• Dormant Oil Sprays for Insect Control
• Tree Disease Control
• Oak Wilt Specialist
• Root Inoculation
• Aeration
• Tree Bore Treatments
• Scientific Tree Care
• Micro Injection Technology
• Tree Fertilization


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